L'amour, Love, Liebe, Affeto, Mohabbat, different routes take us to the same source.

The word L'Amour is french for Love. We believe that Love is the foundation of life. It is who we are. We Exist for Love. We are the expression of Love.

For us, L'Amour is not just a project, for it stems from love - the love that has united us as one family, the love that each of us cherish, the love that has inspired us all. It is built with the 'soul' purpose of spreading love and affinity to the world.

L'amour is dedicated to Mr. Gautam Nagwekar, the late husband of our founder, Dr. Kunti Nagwekar, this project is her way of immortalizing and celebrating his legacy of love. L'Amour is a tribute to the wonderful memories and the everlasting love left behind by Mr. Gautam Nagwekar for his family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers and all the communities he touched, moved and inspired. As a token of our gratitude, we wish to preserve his legacy for our children and the future generations.

We have captured the essence of the project with the expression 'Paradise untouched', which also signifies a selfless portrayal of a love-filled haven. Our project is a declaration and a promise that you will experience a space made from love, an ambience with love in the air and comfort inspired by love. Be prepared to bask in love at L'Amour.

Welcome to L'Amour. Welcome to Love.